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Would you like to make some changes in your life?
Have you ever felt 'stuck'?
If something is getting you down or holding you back, or you are wondering which way to turn I am here to help.


If you are curious about NLP you are welcome to contact me and ask: You may have questions about NLP in general or want to know a bit about me: my experience and qualifications and how I work.

You may be ready to discuss what it is you want to achieve. If your response to that is: “That's the problem - I don't know what I want!” we can have a conversation around what you might want or what you definitely don't want.

These informal chats can give you an idea of the kind of person I am, how well we could work together and whether to book your first appointment.

First Appointment

A first appointment is usually an hour long and can we can meet or talk on the 'phone - whichever you prefer.

This will be a chance for you to tell me how things have been for you until now and begin to build a picture of how you would like them to be. I might ask you about home, family, work, your health, your dreams, hopes and aspirations.

By the end of this conversation I will be able to suggest an outline programme for you including how many appointments we might need and the kind of things we would be doing.


Because I offer 'Life Coaching with Narrative NLP' you can expect me to begin by listening to your story. We will then discuss the changes you are looking for in your life so that I can set a framework for your coaching. Our work will include introducing you to ways of looking at your situation that you have never encountered before. It is these New Perspectives that make the difference. It is also what makes NLP so much fun and why people look forward to their appointments.

nlp practitioner - nlp in Devon. Sali Mustafic
Sali Mustafic - Life coach and NLP Master Practitioner

Beyond Expectations

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"...You've done so much for me in such a short time..."

Mrs P. W., Axminster ,Devon.

"...Everybody should do this..."

Mrs S.P., Devon.

"...Life will never look the same again...".

Mrs D.W., Sidmouth, Devon

"...Three meetings with Sali and I know where I am again, more at base with myself, inner strength returned. Thanks...".

David, Dorset.