First Blog

Welcome to my first ever blog. I plan to begin with gratitude, move to possibilities and return to the now – in both blog and reality.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in building NLPDevon: my clients – you know who you are – and without you there would be no New Life Perspectives; my teachers especially at The Devon School of NLP and Leading Edge Development – my twitter friends all 900+ of you – and my husband whose website creation is like one of his beautiful boxes – a joy to behold and full of surprises. (Have a look for yourself at

I am brimming over with ideas for future blogs such as

  • Memories: What are they? What do they do for us? How can we make better use of them?
  • Creativity: can we learn to be more creative and what difference does creativity make?
  • Consciousness: Do we really have a conscious and an unconscious mind? If so, how do they relate and how can we get the best from them?

So now I am a blogger; out in the world collecting ideas, notions and questions and tossing them around in my virtual wok. What I would love this blog to become is a series of moments which renew, reinvent and re-examine the current discourse. And what I want to know is, what are you thinking about right now? What will you add to the stir-fry?

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