The Presuppositions of NLP


I knew that NLP was right for me as soon as I discovered that its presuppositions, the guiding principles that underpin all training and practice, aligned completely with my own beliefs and values. I know that there is integrity in all my learning, teaching and working with clients.


One of the most intriguing aspects of my NLP experience has been encountering statements such as “The presuppositions are not true”. What this does is appeal to our open minded curiosity encouraging us to question what we hear. Much of what we hear we generate ourselves and so we can begin to question our own assumptions. Are they true? Or are they simply rules and habits which have come to accept automatically? As with the presuppositions, if we act as if they are true they determine the responses we get. Internalised guides may be helpful and yet is often valuable to go in and test them from time to time asking the question “Is this belief serving me well?”


In this blog, one of the things I intend to do is exactly that: I will be reconsidering some of my presuppositions and inviting you to join me in the enquiry. If you would like to begin by reading my understanding of some NLP presuppositions now click here to go to my article on NLP presuppositions.


  • By Coral, October 3, 2015 @ 2:54 am

    In my coaching work with clitnes I tend to stick quite closely to the official questions… mostly. In particular, I’m experimenting with “And does that have a size or a shape or a movement?” rather than “Does that have a size or a shape?” or a sound?especially with emotion, finding the sound of it (as well as where the sound is coming from and where it is going to) can lead to very helpful further explorations

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