What’s Your Christmas Story?

One man’s description of Christmas, overheard on the train… “Shopping, in-laws, stress and anxiety”.

Another man’s story, on the same train but in a different conversation, “Whenever I  think of Christmas I think of  happy children, warm fires and a big hug from my Nan”.

What would your Christmas story be?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all choose the Christmas Story we prefer?

However, this is easier said than done. Have you noticed how the story you tell yourself seems so real, so definite and absolute. Does your story bring joy & love or dread & resignation?

We speak about stories, their influence and all pervasive impact upon our lives. Stories may be based upon inherited truths, events in time, perceptions, assumptions and gossip.

Next time you are having trouble understanding or communicating with someone try on their story (you may have to imagine it) and notice the difference that makes. This may transform the entire conversation.

The Past That Lies Before Us.

When I couldn’t get out to see clients because of the wonderful winter weather, I posed a question on twitter, “What does snow mean to you?” Among the replies that I received was this poem

Everything is clean,

Grass is equal to concrete,

Roofs equal to hedges,

Man is disguised as natural and attractive.

Not surprisingly responses varied.  Here is a typical selection.  What does snow mean to you?

Fun and laughter, time to breathe in winter scenery.

Painfully cold hands and overexcited children!

Falling over, ice & stress!

Hidden ice.

New beginnings, walking in untrodden snow and looking    back at where I’ve come from….my footsteps      behind me!

Snow means enjoying kids having fun & wishing I was 5, then pretending I am.

So where do these ‘meanings’ came from? If we think of them as the projection of something from the past, what does that make possible?

Whose voice might we have been hearing?  Could we choose to hear a different voice? What influences have we been inviting into the present moment?   What other influences are available?

Considering a question from unfamiliar perspectives, with different influences, opens up new possibilities and brings us closer to freedom.

So, What does snow mean to you?

Special thanks to @ coachingconnect @louiseebrey @flamingjuneuk @FayC @PinkVeggie @VocationQuest for their twitter responses.

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