On Learning

I was having lunch with an NLP training friend recently and she brought up an interesting question.

If, as we both believe, we are all perfect as we are, why does it so often happen that learning something new involves an emtional or difficult engagement with some aspect of ourselves or our life?

It’s a fascinating question.  Looking at it from a Narrative NLP perspective I’m wondering whether it’s because ‘perfect’ describes us as being full of potential – pure potential in which anything is possible.  Offered a chance to learn something new our first response is often to defend the status quo, “I’m fine as I am”.  This can be true of individuals, groups, societies, even nations.  “We’re fine as we are”.

Even when I embark on a new training, open to having my undertsandings challenged and thus extended, I know that I about to move from unconscious competence to conscious incompetence and that can be an uncomfortable place to be. 

Perhaps that willingness to experience ‘the shock of the new’ is part of our perfection.  Without it how would we move on?

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