What Has Art Ever Done For Us?

Art takes us outside of ourselves.  It dares to step beyond the boundaries of the every day.  We may not always understand it, we may not like some of it and we certainly can’t often afford it, and yet we value it.

Most of us have had at least one experience of a painting, a poem or a story taking us somewhere we wouldn’t otherwise have gone.  Doing a double take to look at a strange image is a common response to the unexpected.  Hearing a poem for the first time and thinking ‘I don’t understand a word of it’ and yet feeling drawn back to re-read it can be an indication that something in it resonated with something we have been ignoring, pushing away or denying.

In NLP we seek out underused personal resources such as a fleeting experience of self-confidence, a rare moment of self expression or a burst of happiness and apply them to situations where they can make a difference to how we have been experiencing life.  We might call it timeline work or re-imprinting, ‘Swish’ or ‘visual Squash’.

In Narrative Practice we discover hidden, neglected or ‘exceptional’ events and explore their capacity to engender new perspectives on our problem stories.  These events can be the foundation of new, preferred stories which we then ‘thicken’ as part of creating a new, preferred, re-authored stories.

Art can be a catalyst for re-authoring by giving us a fleeting glimpse of something different.  New possibilities appear when we step out of the straitjacket of our learned experience.

This is what gives art its exceptional value and its exceptional importance and this is what we all stand to lose with yesterday’s cuts to the Arts Council budget.

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