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Secrets of the NLP Masters by Judy Bartkowiak

 50 techniques to be exceptional

Metal door in stone wall with NLP CREW graffittiPrompted by my own curiosity and enthusiasm for exploration – described by Judy Bartkowiak as ‘key drivers of NLP’ – I opened this book enthusiastically, and I wasn’t disappointed.

 I like what I think of as ‘Pick and Mix’ books; books that can be read with both an open mind and, simultaneously, a mind ready to gather information relevant to my life and work; books that can teach me something fascinating. This book fits the bill perfectly.

 It is a book for everyone with an interest in change, overcoming obstacles or achieving goals. For the NLP practitioner the book is full of prompts and reminders alongside new perspectives on techniques you will already be using. For newcomers it is a comprehensive and readable explanation of NLP’s powerful insights into how NLP can make a real and lasting difference to your life. If you have children, or work with children, you will find much here to throw light on strategies and techniques that work well with young people.

Of course you can read ‘Secrets’ from beginning to end, it is interesting, informative and well written, but you can also flick through and find the part most relevant to your current experience.

Its style, organisation and layout make it stand out from many of the NLP technique books I have encountered. I particularly like the chapter numbers down the right hand edge meaning that you can open the book at any page and know immediately where you are.

Each chapter begins with a selection of well-chosen quotations from people generally acknowledged to be the ‘NLP masters’ such as Gregory Bateson, Sue Knight, Virginia Satir, Tony Robbins, and others from different contexts like Albert Einstein, Carl Jung and Helen Keller.

 ‘A few well-chosen words at just the right time can transform a person’s life’ Joseph O’Connor 

Repetition – so often the missing ingredient in books which set out to help us learn – is used with a light touch so that you don’t need to flick back through the book to find that neat ‘how to’ of a technique. At the end of each chapter you will find ‘Putting it all together’ and I suggest that if you read these first in the light of the chapter heading you will know how directly a particular chapter will speak to you.

If there was a single addition that would improve Secrets of the NLP Masters for me it would be an index. Children, beliefs, and goals, for instance, appear throughout the book and sometimes it would be helpful to be able to find them all.

The book ends with an Appendix perfectly placed to sum things up and be a readily accessible, and very visual, reminder of these two keys to being exceptional: The filters through which we make our own peculiar sense of external events and the logical levels which model the context in which it all takes place.

Knowing your purpose facilitates exceptional behaviour and if your behaviour disappoints you in any way then re-examine it in the light of your purpose. You could do well to take this book with you on the journey.

front cover of the book

Lighten up



Proper Plops

Mummy’s on the internet
Daddy’s on the loo
I don’t know where to go
because I need a poo.

Sometimes when I need a wee
walking down the street
I don’t know how to say
I’ve got wet feet.

Granny says I’m sensible
Grandad says I’m dotty
but when I want to poo or wee
I don’t want a potty
I want a blue step
to climb up to the loo
then I can do proper plops
just like you.


Sense of humour

Sometime it can all get a bit intense.

Stress, anxiety, or just plain trying too hard, can creep up on us, as if in a blind spot. In NLP we talk about ‘state’ (we might call it ‘state of mind’) and can devise ‘break state’ strategies to help you break out of a particular mood.  This can be helpful in coaching because it;
     1 – enables you to step out of one way of feeling into something more positive
     2 – gives you an opportunity to stand back and look objectively at what was happening
     3 – allows you to experience the possibility of instant transformation
     4 – teaches your unconscious mind that change is achieveable

sponge star toy

Star jumps are a quick and easy way of breaking state.  Stand up now and do 3 star jumps – notice the difference! Play, laughter and foolishness are good for you. Letting go of a negative state of mind, even just for a few minutes,  can be the beginning of a transformation.
Give it a go.
Notice the difference.


national poetry writing month 2013


Today is day 26 of the challenge to write a poem every day for a month, and, yes I was beginning to feel it was getting a bit intense.  I had begun to take myself a bit too seriously so when I woke up early this morning, I decided to let go of my ‘proper poetry’ state of mind and the silly phrase ‘proper plops’ appeared at the top of the page!


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