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sweep over the past and focus on the present moment

3 – 2 – 1 Summary

An adult's hand cradles a child's hand holding seeds

Thinking about life…

  • Recall 3 positive things you have learned
  • Think of 2 ideas that you still find interesting
  • And take with you 1 value or principle as a guide right now

This brief 3 part strategy is a great way to end a day. You can apply it to a single day, a particular experience, or life in general.

I based it on a teaching strategy which asks students to summarise their learning as a ‘ticket to leave’ as described here by Laura Sagan.

The beauty of it lies in the fact that it serves as both a cumulative experience; each time you think it through you are building on all your similar past experiences; and a moment of focus; what one value or principle could you chose right now? It enables you to sweep over the past and focus on the present moment.

Smile and the World . . .

a smile lifts the spirits

On our way home from our daily walk, the dogs and I walk along a stretch of pavement facing the oncoming traffic.

I’ve been smiling at the people in the approaching cars.  I have a strategy for a genuine smile – I look up at the chimneys and the sky and I find myself smiling.

I have noticed several things. . .

Few of those people are smiling as they approach me and most of them are smiling as they drive on.

Some of them see my smile and don’t smile themselves until they look down at the dogs or glance at someone else in the car with them.

Some don’t smile back I find myself nodding to them in a spirit of compassion. 

Some were smiling already and return my smile and in that shared smiling moment I am uplifted.

It doesn’t matter how people respond. Somehow that brief communication with strangers leaves me with a sense of joy and connection and I like to think that they get something out of it too.

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