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Life Coaching Wherever You Are

‘Phone Coaching using Narrative NLP Principles


a phone amongst office equipment

People often ask me how coaching can work on the ‘phone. I wondered this myself and was even a little reluctant to give it a try but the truth is that it works remarkably well. In many cases it makes life coaching possible when the demands of life, work and family make it seem impossible.

When you always have your phone with you it makes sense that coaching conversations can take place whenever, and wherever, is most convenient for you.

Maybe you work from home and need to book appointments into your own schedule. It might be that you have family commitments and have limited opportunities for talking to someone about your own needs and wishes.

Telephone coaching makes it easy to fit our conversations into your busy lifestyle. You can speak to me from the comfort of your favourite sofa, from a clifftop overlooking a beach, or from your office at lunchtime.


Phone calls can take place in the most unexpected of places

For many clients it is a combination of home, away and workplace calls that works most effectively. You know when you can fit it in, where you will feel safe and comfortable, and how often you would like to speak.

Best of all you don’t have to travel to Honiton or Budleigh Salterton. I am in Devon and you can be in another county, another country or even on another continent. Whether you live in the UK, Europe, or the other side of the world, all we have to do is check time zones before we book that first call.

For me, the coach, it is about a quality of listening that comes with training and practice. Both NLP and Narrative practice pay full attention to your telling of your story. You will be surprised by the unexpected discoveries you make about yourself as you tell me what’s on your mind and I listen and ask carefully chosen questions.  Together we will discover how you can make the changes you have been looking for by looking for them differently.

Many people are surprised to discover that they prefer this style of coaching. You save the time and expense of travelling and you don’t Kitchen, garden, park or office, wherever you are we can speakhave to sit in an unfamiliar room with a person you don’t know. Instead you choose the date, time and place to tell me what you would like to change in your life. You can even choose how long we spend on each call as I understand that you may only have half an hour to spare or you might be one of those people who would rather talk all morning, or at intervals throughout a day rather than spreading a programme out over a series of weekly calls.

Life Coaching by ‘phone is easy, convenient and effective. Give me a call right now and let’s begin exploring possibilities.

Writer’s Block

What might I ask someone who is stuck?

It’s not unusual for a client to say “I just feel stuck.”  It might be ‘Stuck with my relationship’, ‘Stuck with my job, my writing, my art’, or ‘Just stuck in life generally’.

People will say “I have tried everything I can think of to make changes in my life but nothing has worked”.  One of the things we can do together is come up with some new ways of looking; new perspectives; and instead of thinking about difficult times, things other people have said, or things that  happened in the past, I might ask you to think of a special place.

Place is often overlooked and yet often there will always be places that are important to us.  If I say to you, “Think of a place that is special to you”, you will probably go somewhere in your imagination, you have probably gone there now. With a little coaching you will find that what that place says can be profound, moving or just plain fascinating.

National Poetry Writing Month button


I decided to use this as a starting point for myself this morning’s poem for National Poetry Writing Month.  Here’s the poem and you will probably see how the sense of place triggered an important message for me about my writing…

Looking out of a window onto a winter scene

You came here to create
discovered death and left
and now the hour is growing late.

There is no time to waste.
This is not time to rest.
You came here to create.

Test the hours and feel their weight,
embracing life, embracing death,
now the hour is growing late.

Draw a line and draw it straight
embrace the seasons’ warp and weft.
You came here to create.

This is not destiny or fate.
I do not doubt that you have wept
but now the hour is growing late

and you know what this indicates.
Don’t waste the time that you have left.
You came here to create
and now the hour is growing late.

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